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Service Contract For Food Importers Global Market Linking



PURPOSE:  Generally describes the project’s deliverables and the work required to create those deliverables.  The contract service agreement provides a common understanding of the project scope among all project stakeholders and describes the project’s major objectives.  It also enables the project team to perform more detailed planning, guides the project team’s work during execution, and provides the baseline for evaluating whether requests for changes or additional work are contained within or outside the project’s boundaries.


Project ID




Project Name

Global Market Linking To Potential Importers And Buyers Around The World Or Only To Potential Buyers Only From Countries Preferred By The Product Manufacturer.

Project Objectives


Project objectives is to assist and provide quality and sufficient contacts of buyers or importers to our clients as product manufacturers who wish to export their products to other countries in the duration of the contract of 52 weeks commencing from the date of this contract.

Service Scope Definition


In this contract, Callalily Global Resources and its team who have an up to date database will assign one or more of their team members to search, filter and select the most suitable buyers or importers who have great potential and interest to import the products manufactured by our client/ the product manufacturer. After the selection we will reach out to them by sending out emails and also making calls by phone to make sure that the buyers are interested in the product/products manufactured by the manufacturer before we send the contacts to the manufacturer as a potential buyer. During the period of the contract, we are obliged in any possible ways to provide our client/ the product manufacturer of 15 true potential  buyers/importers every week on the 5th day of every week.


Project Requirements


We need full cooperation from the client/ product manufacturer to provide us product information, product specifications, certifications, company details, product photos, contacts and email addresses, videos, brochures and flyers, and also product selling price (if not confidential) in order for us to carry out the project smoothly.

Project Boundaries


We hold the responsibilities and try our very best not to leak in any possible ways of the information provided by  our client/ product manufacturer such as product photos, product descriptions, products pricing, marketing strategies , videos, brochures and flyers to any of their competitors either locally where the manufacturer locate or competitors locate in any other countries. However we will not be held responsible and shall be indemnify from any lawsuits against any losses or damages caused.

Project Deliverables

1 )During the 52 weeks of the duration of the contract commencing from the date of this contract, we are obliged to provide a minimum of  49 weeks X 15 active importer contacts equivalent to 735 quality, reachable and interested contacts of potential and active buyers/ importers.


The contacts should include information such as:


1 company names,

2 address

3 emails

4  telephone numbers

5 company size and annual sales (if available)


We shall deliver at least 15 contacts on every fifth day of any week (Friday), or on the subsequent Monday of the next week if a holiday falls on any Friday.


2) To set up an automatic follow up emails using a free Mailchimp account including planning, designing and creating attractive email contents that will attract the attention from buyers or importers. We will upload all interested buyer/importer contacts to the Mailchimp account during the 52 weeks contract period of this contract agreement.



Product Acceptance Criteria

Our client or product manufacturer shall inform us not later than 14 days if found any contacts of potential buyers / importers unreachable by phone or emails that are provided by us and these contacts will be considered irrelevant. In the case of such situation, our company and our team will try our best to replace/compensate with new contacts to replace the numbers of contacts that are considered irrelevant.

Project Constraints

We use languages such as English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Chinese dialects in our day to day business operations and communication with potential buyers/importers. Therefore we would have limitations in getting contacts of buyers/ potential importers who do not understand or familiar with the languages we use.


Our responsibilities is to get the best and potential contacts of buyers and importers for our client but we are not responsible to close a deal or make a sale for our client/product manufacturer.


We would charge an additional of 5% as our commission if the client/product manufacturer agreed to have us as an export agent on their behalf. In the case of such another agreement shall be signed by both parties.


Project Assumptions

We assume that our client/ product manufacturer to have access to sufficient quality contacts of potential buyers/importers (260 contacts) provided by us at the end of the contract (52 weeks)

Initial Project Organization

We have assign Amy Teoh as the project leader of this contract together with team members to carry out diligently and to meet the requirements and dateline in accordance to the project requirements and fulfill this contract service requirements.

Schedule Milestones

The schedule milestone of this project should be outline as follows:-


Week 1: To gather as much information from our client/ product manufacturer/ exporter such as product photos, company details and background, flyers and brochures, product specs, videos, certifications, pricing (if available), target markets


Week 2 : To search, filter and identify potential buyer/importers from our database

Week 3 to week 52: to send emails and make phone calls to potential buyers/importers to get the potential buyers/ importers that are interested and deliver to our client/product manufacturer on a weekly basis.

Additional Charges

Additional charges will be required in the case of appointing a translator, or translation services during the duration of the service contract where the client/ product manufacturer wishes to communicate or reach out to potential buyers/importers from countries who are not familiar or understand the languages beside from the languages that we outline above.


It is in the discretion of the client/ product manufacturer whether or not to use the translator / translation services provided by our company after consideration of the price of our translation/ translator pricing that we quote when needed.

Approval Requirements

1 ) Our client/ product manufacturer shall be able to provide us at least the following information of product or products in order for us to carry out the contract agreement :

i)                  Company details such as company name, country of origin, address, telephone number (office and mobile), website

ii)                 Product photos

iii)                Product catalog and brochures in digital format

iv)                Product pricing (not compulsory)











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