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We Will Find Genuine Active Importers For Your Products.

Complete Food Importers & Distributors Database

  • Details about 18530 active food importers and distributors from 148 countries

  • Company profile, full contact details and financial data for some entries

  • We do the searching, filtering, selection based on the category of your products and their previous imports history to get the most suitable buyers or importers for you.

  • We use real human sitting there to do the work for you.

  • We will then send the most suitable contacts to you by email on a weekly basis. (minimum 10-15 contacts weekly)

  • We will include a report on the nature of business, import activities, company size, annual sales etc

  • Before we pass the contacts to you, we will reach out to them through email or phone to make sure the contacts such as emails or phone numbers are valid.

  • We will do this for you continuously for 52 weeks of our contract.

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