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About Us


Callalily Global Resources was started in 2013, after working with a numbers of exporting companies we decided to take on a new challenge and try to replicate the formula for the far more complex food industry.

The challenge is to get the right databases and working with databases back then was a complicated and time-consuming task but we managed to deliver good jobs by focusing and assigning specialized tasks to everyone in our team. We have someone to search and add new contacts every day. Then someone to filter and to get the contacts that are genuine and reachable. We have someone to call them and to find out their nature of business. We make sure our contacts are 100% quality.

Making sure that the data is accurate and always up-to-date was also vital, as many of our clients had issues in the past with the quality of the information offered by similar products. We managed to do this by creating a team of enthusiastic, well trained data analysts and partnering with some of the most respected data providers.


Callalily Global Resources

2-12-09, Vertiq, Lebuh Tunku Kudin 3. 11700 Gelugor Penang






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