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The trade spat between the U.S. and China is escalating, with the Trump administration now looking to quadruple the value of Chinese products affected by American tariffs.


Last week, we wrote about the U.S. beginning to collect tariffs on more than 800 items imported from China. China quickly countered by imposing increased duties on products it imports from the U.S.

On July 10, the Trump administration responded. The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) announced its intention to impose a 10 percent ad valorem tariff on another group of Chinese products. The products on the proposed list reach $200 billion – four times the amount previously under consideration.

The new list of affected items can be found here. It includes a wide range of products, from frozen meat to high-definition TVs. We encourage companies to consult the list and evaluate how it impacts their international supply chain.


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