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We can help you to export your products globally.

We know that you are too busy managing your products quality, your workers , developing new products etc, etc, etc and the lists go on. Many businesses neglected the needs of developing new markets or new clients because they don't have enough time to even think about it. But sales , new sales or clients are utmost important in any business in order to go forward , grow and expand.

We are here to fill in the missing pieces. We have gathered a great database to help you. The only database of food importers, food wholesalers, food distributors and retailers all over the globe which offers fresh contacts every day and constant updates.

Before we can explain to you of our services and how we can help you, please watch our videos so that you get a clearer picture of how we can help in your sales and marketing efforts. 

Before you employ sales and marketing managers or any sales people, ask yourself this questions:

Where should we start?

How many potential clients that i can reach every day or every week?

Will my sales people be wandering around not knowing where or who to meet?

What is the missing information in your sales and marketing plan?  Watch this video below to know more...

Now you know how important to have a database. Not only that , we have recently add on with the most

Complete Food Importers
Food Distributors Database Details about 17,887 active food importers and distributors from 154 countries, Company profile, full contact details and financial data for some entries

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